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State & Local Government Solutions 


The State of Control for P-Card Programs

IntraMalls Assurance Services for purchase card activity satisfy government management and audit requirements AND generate substantial administrative cost savings.


IntraMalls enhance micro-purchase programs through assurance services surrounding your existing State and Local Purchase Card ("P-card") processes. IntraMalls add vital assurances beginning with Local and Multi-State sourcing and continuing through Level III Card reconciliation and administrative review.

Since 1998, IntraMalls has been delivering on the promise of today’s E-Gov initiatives by enabling State and Local Government clients to:

Realize process automation and dramatic reductions in administrative cost burdens

  • Piggy-back on negotiated Multi-State Supplier Contracts
  • Automating purchase logs creating auto-archived records
  • Conducts order processing and backorder tracking
  • Allows agencies to balance micro-purchase workloads across Department and shift human capital resources to mission critical needs.
  • Provides supplier fulfillment and line item electronic invoicing matched to P-card charges
  • Completes three-way Level III reconciliation of electronic bank statements
  • Reconciliation tied to receipt and Property Sheet submissions
  • Creates peace of mind P-Card audit assurance

Improve Budget & Management Oversight

  • Accurately captures and reports p-card data against State Small & Disadvantaged Businesses ("SDB") contracting goals.
  • Addresses chronic under-reporting of State and Local dollars spent under State contracts using purchase cards.

Automates sourcing ensuring compliance with State requirements and best practices

  • Provides agencies with the procurement data necessary to come up with a strategic acquisition plan that leverages State buying power and meets socio-economic goals.
  • Enables Local K-12 and State Higher Education Systems to conveniently piggy-back on Statewide procurement programs.
  • Creates a consolidated, streamlined process and eliminates process deficiencies to prevent fraud, waste and abuse.

Success Metrics for Government Clients


  • Current client since 2003, saved an additional 4% off List Prices in FY 05 through IntraMalls aggregation.
  • IntraMalls P-Card services facilitated 20 new ARS Division BPA Contracts with key suppliers in FY 06.
  • Measurably improved ARS item level reporting of JWOD, SDVOSB and Bio-Based product buys.

  • Client since 1998, added realtime obligation tracking on P-Card charges including shipping in FY 06
  • Online Level III Bank Statement reconciliation service preserves thousands of manhours annually.
  • Cardholder adoption and usage drives cost of fully reconciled transaction to below $1.00


IntraMalls Assurance Services include:

Supplier Authentication and Socio-economic Classifications

  • Fraud waste and abuse protection and validations for compliance reporting

State Department and Agency-Specific Catalog & Contract Hosting

  • BPA, GSA, Strategic Sourcing agreements and Open Market pricing through a single log-on
  • Object Class Codes assigned at the item level to assure compliance to workflow and policies

Online Order Processing 24/7

  • Convenience and added productivity with overnight shipping

“No Supplier Left Behind” Support

  • IntraMalls does not discriminate while supporting Suppliers e-commerce requirements
  • Feature State-Funded and local incubator firms along with SDB businesses

Toll-free Department Help-Desk Services

  • Real people, real help- right here in the USA

Online Cardholder Bank Statement Reconciliation and Approval Services

  • Level III transaction details matched to Bank Card Statement for online hierarchical approvals

P-Card Audit Assurance Services

  • Exceeds most State & Federal audit requirements and best practice guidelines for P-card oversight
  • IntraMall workforce training, change management and adoption success programs
  • Eight years of proven domain expertise essential for Change Mgt & Training success

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IntraMalls features enable States to mirror Federal OMB initiatives and requirements:

The Improving Financial Performance PMA initiative

The E-Gov PMA initiative

The Budget & Performance Integration PMA initiative

Annual Small and Disadvantage Business Goals

Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative

IntraMalls Service addresses recommendations made in GAO Reports:

GAO-03-56 Government Faces Challenges in Gathering Socioeconomic Data on Purchase Card Merchants December 2002

GAO-04-87G Auditing and Investigating the Internal Control of Government Purchase Card Programs.
November 2003

GAO-04-430 Agencies Can Achieve Significant Savings on Purchase Card Buys
March 2004

GAO-04870 Using Spend Analysis to Help Agencies Take a More Strategic Approach to Procurement
September 2004

GAO-04-650G Checklist for Reviewing Systems under the Federal Financial Management Improvement Act
June 2004


GAO Testimony before the House Committee on Government Reform – Purchase Cards: Continued Control

Weaknesses Leave Two Navy Units Vulnerable to Fraud and Abuse
March 2002

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GAO Testimony before the House Committee on Government Reform – Purchase Cards: Control Weaknesses Leave Army Vulnerable to Fraud, Waste, and Abuse June 2002

GAO Testimony before the House Committee on Government Reform – Data Mining: Results and Challenges for Government Program Audits and Investigations  March 2003

GAO Testimony before the Senate Committee on Government Affairs – Purchase Cards: Increased Management Oversight and Control Could Save Hundreds of Millions of Dollars  April 2004

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GAO-03-292 Purchase Cards: Control Weaknesses Leave the Air Force Vulnerable to Fraud, Waste, and Abuse December 2002

GAO-03-405 FAA Purchase Cards: Weak Controls Resulted in Instances of Improper and Wasteful Purchases and Missing Assets  March 2003

GAO-03-489 HUD Purchase Cards: Poor Internal Controls Resulted in Improper and Questionable Purchases April 2003

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GAO-03-786 Forest Service Purchase Cards: Internal Control Weaknesses Resulted in Instances of Improper, Wasteful, and Questionable Purchases  August 2003



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