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Timeless Business Model  


Market-based Business Models are Timeless!

Our browser-based services are growing by choice not by force! Our business model is based on core beliefs that business is rational and should be market-based. IntraMalls believes in being fairly compensated by all parties who receive value from our Assurance Services.

Since our founding in 1995, IntraMalls has been providing a balanced array of commerce services to buyers and sellers through a browser based delivey system. IntraMalls makes the investment in hardware and software applications to eliminate technology and investment risk for all our customers. Access through a browser delivers immediate value from IntraMalls Assurance Services. We compete for customers with every login to IntraMalls by delivering outstanding services at market driven savings!


Savings Increase As Volume Increases

IntraMalls continues to grow by removing costs for both buyers and sellers. Buyers and sellers use a balance of hard and soft cost savings to justify IntraMalls value to the organization. We remove cost burden rather than shift burden among buyers and sellers by treating each party as a vital customer.

IntraMalls continues to stretch our competitive advantage by passing economies of scale back to our customers in the form of transaction cost reductions. IntraMalls volume of transactions continues to grow and the savings continue to grow for our customers. IntraMalls has a "risk-free" cooperative transaction model for any size customer.

Customers are defined as any entity that gets value from our Assurance Services including buyers, sellers, purchase card issuers and merchant processors. At the core of IntraMalls foundation is the commitment to customer balance and fairness in the continual development of our service benefits and cooperative business model. There are no up-front fees or setup costs to become an IntraMalls Supplier. Every customer need only pay for transactions processed by IntraMalls.


Third-Party Neutral Assurance Services.

IntraMalls maintains a commitment to neutrality in delivering Assurance Services for buyers and sellers. IntraMalls acts as a referee to enforce rules, resolve process and transaction conflicts and accelerate the business cycle.

Acting as a third-party neutral service provider, IntraMalls never negotiates prices, terms or conditions of sale between buyer and seller. We ensure that both parties have the information and online services they need to make informed decisions and conduct business efficiently.

Acting as a third-party neutral service provider, IntraMalls is never the seller nor agent of record for a transaction. We ensure that sellers are connected to their customers and the transaction process is efficient and auditable.

IntraMalls Assurance Services can not be delivered by banks, credit card networks, buyers nor sellers who have a vested interest in the transaction.


Focus on Micro-Purchases 


Micro-purchases account for as much as 95 percent of your transaction workload but amount to less than 25 percent of budgeted spending. Automating 95% of an organization's transactions is smart and cost effective.

IntraMalls Assurance Services balance the need for controls and reporting with the cost appropriate time, money and effort applied to managing micro-purchases. Most organizations find that micro-purchase obligations average between $500-$1000. Add typical administrative costs of between $25 and $100 for each transaction and the financial impact of managing small purchases is staggering.

Many of our clients previously turned to Purchase Card (“P-Card”) programs to reduce these costs and empower their workforce but were dissatisfied with workforce acceptance, financial controls and reporting. IntraMalls wraps your micro-purchase process with assurances demanded by prudent managers and the conveniences demanded by todays workforce.

IntraMalls solutions are ideally suited for:

                         * All of whom share some common concerns regarding the handling of micro-purchases.

IntraMalls Micro-Purchase Assurance Services lift the burden…it’s about time…and  money!


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