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Campus Assurance Services for Micro-Purchasing  


Ease Campus burdens with IntraMalls Assurance Services... it’s about time…and  money!

Purchase Card programs originally intended to streamline micro-purchase processing have become unnecessarily burdensome on faculty and staff and therefor underutilized on Campuses across the nation. 


Rejuvenate your Campus Purchase Card Program with IntraMall Services.

For our Higher Education clients the difference can be measured in reduced administrative costs, direct material cost savings, improved cycle times, fraud and waste prevention, improved productivity, dramatic increases in rebates earned and superior cardholder satisfaction.

IntraMalls assurance services augment your existing P-card process from sourcing through Level III Bank Statement Reconciliation.

IntraMalls micro-purchase assurance service features include:

  • Supplier authentication
  • Hosting and maintenance of supplier catalogs
  • Online shopping and transaction processing
  • Automated Level III purchase logs
  • Automated Bank Statement reconciliation
  • Online audit tools
  • Socioeconomic reporting
  • Toll-free customer support services

Since 1998, IntraMalls has been easing the burdens associated with micro-purchasing:

Assurance without burdens 

Campus P-Card programs are synonymous with cardholder burden. Many burdens are often placed on the Cardholder including: cardholder training, purchase log responsibilities, order tracking, proof of receipt, charge validations and of course, the dreaded monthly bank statement reconciliation. Small wonder that many Professors, Department Chairs and Administrative Officers decline to accept the “empowerment” of purchase cards. The result is too few purchase cards get issued and too many small purchases pass through costly alternative processes. There is a better way!

Eliminate big-dollar costs for small-dollar purchases 

It is an age-old problem. You want to manage total spending and you must account for every dollar. But the need for controls and reporting must be cost justified by the time, money and effort applied to managing micro-purchases. Micro-purchases account for as much as 95 percent of your transaction workload but amount to less than 25 percent of budgeted spending. Most organizations find that micro-purchase obligations average between $500-$1000. Add typical administrative costs of between $25 and $100 for each transaction and the financial impact of managing small purchases is staggering. Many of our clients previously turned to Purchase Card (“P-Card”) programs to reduce these costs and empower their workforce but were dissatisfied with workforce acceptance, financial controls and reporting.


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IntraMalls solutions are ideally suited for:

                         * All of whom share some common concerns regarding the handling of micro-purchases.

IntraMalls Micro-Purchase Assurance Services lift the burden…it’s about time…and  money!


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