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IntraMalls Services Work for Higher Education 


It already works!

Keep your Campus Financial Management System …but keep it responsive to your faculty and staff’s changing needs. Augment your existing micro-purchase process with IntraMall® Assurance Services in order to:

Ease Cardholder Burden on Faculty & Staff

  • Congenial Campuses are populated by IntraMalls Assured Cardholders

Dramatically Increase Purchase Card Rebates

  • Cardholder acceptance, convenience and usage generates dollars for your institution

Improve Visibility

  • Account for every dollar at the item level
  • Roll-up reporting throughout the organization

Avoid Maverick Spending

  • Realize Contract Volume Discounts
  • Protect Against Fraud, Waste and Abuse

Save $40 to $80* per reconciled Purchase Order

  • With or without a Purchase Card Program
    *Source 2002 Aberdeen Research Report Vol. 15

Since 1998, our team has been servicing a growing list of clients helping to rejuvenate their Purchase Card programs.

If your University or Consortium is investigating options for getting more value from your purchase card program …consider our service alternative.

Virtually no start-up costs, rapid utilization and campus adoption are just some of the key factors that make IntraMall Services a viable option. IntraMall Assurance Services include:

Catalog Collection, Loading and Maintenance Services

Feature:             Rapid Request for Quotation Tools
Benefit:              Contract Compliance and reduction in “Maverick Spending”

Feature:             Unified relational database of all approved products and suppliers
Benefit:              Convenient, competitive sourcing

Feature:             Rapid Order Entry Tools
Benefit:              Faster cycle times for sourcing and ordering

Transaction Processing Services

Feature:             Approval and Process Control Settings
Benefit:              Improved Visibility and Control of Obligations

Feature:             Automated P.O. logs with attached item detail
Benefit:              Enhanced Purchasing Data for Mining and Decision Support

Feature:             P.O. Formatting and Routing to Supplier
Benefit:              Reduced Administrative Burden and Lower Processing Costs

Feature:             Automated Supplier Shipping Acknowledgements

Benefit:              Improved Internal Customer Satisfaction

Toll-free Buyer / Supplier Help Desk Services

Feature:             Live solutions for all policy, system and service related questions

Benefit:              Improved internal customer satisfaction

Feature:             7 X 24 Connectivity
Benefit:              Effective Supplier Relationship Management


Financial Reconciliation Services

Feature:             Automated online matching of P.O. to Purchase Card Charges

Benefit:              Reduced Administrative Burden

Feature            Embedded Level III Line Item Detail into Charge Statement
Benefit:              Convenient Partial and Backorder Resolution

Feature:             Online Match Report of P.O., Fulfillment and Charge Statement
Benefit:              Reduced Audit Burden and Lower Costs of Reconciliation
Feature:             Hierarchical Approval of Reconciled Statement
Benefit:              Enhanced Protection Against Fraud, Waste and Abuse

Feature:             Online Dispute Resolution Tools

Benefit:              Improved Customer Satisfaction and Supplier Relations


Training and User Community Adoption Services

Feature:             Live Domain Expertise to Augment Your Staff
Benefit:              Rapid User Community Adoption Results

Report Generation and Audit Services

Feature:             Minority Supplier Usage, Cost Center, and Compliance Reports
Benefit:              Enhanced Visibility against Goals and Objectives

IntraMalls Micro-Purchase Assurance Services lift the burden…it’s about time…and  money!


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