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Assuring Research Mission Success

Attracting and retaining the best and brightest talent in the world may be just as important as managing costs and expenses when your research mission is on the line.

Outstanding managers are constantly searching for ways to do both. Fortunately, you can help preserve all your precious resources with one good management decision.


IntraMalls Assurance Services preserve human and financial resources when managing procurements in support of your research mission. IntraMalls got started back in 1995 when the National Institutes of Health recognized the need to speed the acquisition and receiving of research materials for themselves and many thousands of NIH Grant Recepients throughout the world.

Too many research organizations have suffered unintended consequences from adopting purchase cards as a vehicle to speed the acquisition cycle and lower the administrative cost of processing small procurements.

IntraMalls Assurance Services streamline procurement of mission critical goods and services while reducing frustrations for your technical staff. IntraMalls eases the burdens surrounding traditional purchase card activity, satisfies research project management and audit requirements AND generates substantial administrative cost savings.

IntraMalls enhance micro-purchase programs through assurance services surrounding your existing Purchase Card ("P-card") processes. IntraMalls add vital assurances beginning with comprehensive catalog sourcing and continuing through Level III Card reconciliation and administrative review.

Since 1998, IntraMalls has been delivering on the promise of today’s E-commerce initiatives by enabling our Research clients to:

Realize process automation and dramatic reductions in administrative cost burdens

  • Search and buy from the largest online research catalogs in the world
  • Automating purchase logs creating auto-archived records
  • Conducts order processing and backorder tracking
  • Allows Project Leaders to balance micro-purchase workloads across staff and shift human capital resources to mission critical needs.
  • Provides supplier fulfillment and line item electronic invoicing matched to P-card charges
  • Completes three-way Level III reconciliation of electronic bank statements
  • Reconciliation tied to receipt and Property Sheet submissions
  • Creates peace of mind P-Card audit assurance

Improve Budget & Management Oversight

  • Manages spending within each research project budget account.
  • Accurately captures and reports p-card data against contracting goals.
  • Ensures Research Protocol Pricing
  • Addresses chronic under-reporting of JWOD, SDVOSB, NIB, NISH and SDB procurements made using purchase cards for Federal or State mandated reporting.

Automates sourcing ensuring compliance with acquisition requirements and best practices

  • Provides multi-lab/multi-location research organizations with the procurement data necessary to come up with a strategic acquisition plan that leverages buying power and meets socioeconomic goals.
  • Creates a consolidated, streamlined process and eliminates process deficiencies to prevent fraud, waste and abuse.

Success Metrics for our larger Research Clients


  • Current client since 2003, saved an additional 4% off List Prices in FY 05 through IntraMalls aggregation.
  • IntraMalls P-Card services facilitated 20 new ARS Division BPA Contracts with key suppliers in FY 06.
  • Measurably improved ARS item level reporting of JWOD, SDVOSB and Bio-Based product buys.
  • Consolidated buying power from over 160 geographically distinct research locations.


  • Client since 1998, added real time obligation tracking on P-Card charges including shipping in FY 06
  • Online Level III Bank Statement reconciliation service preserves thousands of man hours annually.
  • Cardholder adoption and usage drives cost of fully reconciled transaction to below $1.00


IntraMalls Assurance Services include:

Supplier Authentication and Socioeconomic Classifications

  • Fraud waste and abuse protection and validations for grant and compliance reporting

Organization and Project-Specific Catalog & Contract Hosting

  • Prime Vendor, BPA, Strategic Sourcing agreements and Open Market pricing through a single log-on
  • 10 million items and growing at your negotiated pricing
  • Object Class Codes assigned at the item level to assure compliance to workflow and policies

Online Order Processing 24/7

  • Convenience and added productivity with overnight shipping

“No Supplier Left Behind” Support

  • IntraMalls does not discriminate while supporting Suppliers e-commerce requirements

Toll-free Department Help-Desk Services

  • Real people, real help- right here in the USA

Online Cardholder Bank Statement Reconciliation and Approval Services

  • Level III transaction details matched to Bank Card Statement for online hierarchical approvals

P-Card Audit Assurance Services

  • Meets or exceeds audit requirements and best practice guidelines for P-card oversight
  • IntraMall workforce training, change management and adoption success programs
  • Eight years of proven domain expertise essential for Change Mgt & Training success

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IntraMalls Assurance Services...it's about time...and money!


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