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Ease Cardholder burdens with IntraMalls Assurance Services... it’s about time…and  money!

Purchase Card programs originally intended to streamline micro-purchase processing have become unnecessarily burdensome on cardholders. 

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IntraMalls Micro-Purchase Assurance Services lift the burden…it’s about time…and  money!


IntraMalls LLC addresses micro-purchase assurance through award winning applications for buyers and sellers. Recently IntraMalls won an “AGA Technology Best Award” from the Association of Government Accountants for its unique ability to match item level ("Level III") reporting with bank and purchase card statements facilitating automated reconciliation of purchase orders. This is critical functionality considering less than 17 percent of all online suppliers are willing or able to provide line item detail sufficient for financial reconciliation of electronic purchase orders. Automating Level III data capture and charge reconciliation are key to card issuance, cardholder satisfaction, improving visibility in all areas of spend, to the prevention of fraud, waste and abuse involving purchase card activity and to a 70% reduction in total order processing costs for all transaction partners. 

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