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State & Local Government Features and Benefits  


IntraMall Assurance Features Enhance P-Card Programs


Statewide micro-purchases can be self-assured or IntraMall Assured.

For State & Local Government clients the IntraMalls Assurance difference can be measured in:

  • reduced administrative burden
  • direct material cost savings
  • improved cycle times
  • fraud and waste prevention
  • improved productivity
  • dramatic increases in rebates earned
  • and superior cardholder satisfaction.

IntraMall assurance services for purchase card activity satisfy the need for management control, reporting and audit requirements while generating substantial administrative cost savings.


IntraMall features and benefits for Government Clients include:

Catalog Hosting and Maintenance Services

  • Supplier Authenication and Socio-economic Classification
  • Enhancement & Standardization of Supplier's Catalogs into micro-purchase vehicles
  • Object Class Codes assigned at the product level to assure compliance to policies
  • Millions of certified items at discounted, GSA Contract or BPA Contract pricing
  • Sourcing tools to select "best values" with a single logon

IntraMall Customer Service and Help Desk

  • Enhanced Email Connectivity
  • Improved Relations and Stature with Suppliers
  • Dispute Avoidance and Resolution

Order Formatting and Delivery

  • Avoid the Keystroking of Orders
  • Free Up Purchasing Agents, Customer and Technical Human Resources
  • Reduce Input/Output Errors

Order Tracking and Status Reporting

  • Reduce Service and Delivery Callbacks
  • Virtually eliminate purchase card transaction charge inquiries
  • Drasically reduce Payments and Receipt disputes

Comparative Market and Transaction Reports

  • Socioeconomic Reports on Sourcing and Ordering
  • Get a Handle on micro-purchase data for Strategic Sourcing Analysis
  • Shape Strategy and Tactics for Contract Compliance Objectives

Fraud Protection Services

  • Buyer and Supplier Validations
  • Online Administrative Reviews
  • Audit Reporting
  • Debit & Credit Matching to Purchase, Property Management & Receiving Logs
  • Online Level III Order and Shipment History

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