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Select Frequently Asked Questions  

I am considering becoming a supplier on an IntraMall.

How will IntraMall services impact the workload on my staff and me?
Using IntraMall service centers will significantly decrease the amount of paperwork that your organization will have to process. Your procurement procedures and regulations are profiled within the IntraMall or your existing procurement software, allowing hassle free transfer of account information and reconciliation data into your existing accounting system.

How long will it take to process the orders on an IntraMall?

Order processing on an IntraMall is done electronically, which drastically reduces the number of ‘touches’ your employees have to place on each order. This not only speeds up the process, but reduces the chance of error. Your suppliers receive an error-free electronic order format which can be downloaded into their current system.

What are the potential savings of an IntraMall?

Your organization can realize up to 75 percent savings on your procurement costs by utilizing e-commerce services from IntraMalls LLC.

Does IntraMalls require technical expertise or new equipment to fit my organization?

No. Our staff is responsible for providing and maintaining your IntraMall serivice center so you don’t have to. If any issues arise that need attention, feel comfortable knowing your staff can be assisted 24 hours a day by a member of our customer support team.

IntraMalls Assurance Services... it’s about time…and  money!

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