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Flexible, scalable, custom-tailored solutions for commercial & government buyers.

Do More with Less

Relief from Burdensome Processes

Our purchasing tools give you complete visibility and control over your procurement cycle. From automated requisition workflows, purchase logs, order status updates, e-invoicing, and invoice correction—our cloud-based platform helps you stay productive (and off the phone). IntraMalls accommodates virtually all centralized, decentralized, Procurement Service Center, and contractor-facilitated purchasing activities.



“My day-to-day was hectic and unproductive. I was spending too many hours sourcing from different locations and keeping track of paper documents. When I started using IntraMalls’ purchasing tools, I was quickly able to automate my purchasing workflow and stop spending hours on the phone with vendors or answering questions about order status. Using IntraMalls saves me 48 hours of work time per month!
—Carmen. Buyer, FDA


“My department was under a deadline to eliminate paper processes and find a safe solution for purchase automation. With IntraMalls, we quickly transitioned to a completely automated Request to Payment system. We also gained real-time insight into purchase activity, accurate financial data, transparency and auditability. IntraMalls gave my department the sense of safety and control we needed.
—Aisha. Purchase Card Coordinator, FDA

Innovative Tools

Get More Done, Your Way

Contractor Tools

Mission-Driven Settings

Distributed Procurement

Service Center

Intelligent Audit Tools

Completely Paperless

Don’t Get Buried Under Paper

The future of business & government is paperless. IntraMalls brings your department one step closer to digital freedom!

Every Step of the Way

Automate Your Procurement Workflow

Sourcing & Contracts

Easily identify best value sources from all of your approved vendors. Sources from Standing Orders, Blanket Purchase Agreements, GSA Contracts, and Open Market Promotional Offers are displayed from our database of products maintained for your organization.

For added convenience, IntraMalls also maintains punchout interfaces with vendors supplying goods or services requiring configuration, quotations and special manufacturing considerations. With our AI-powered platform, sourcing is “apples-to-apples” and compliance is automated!

Configurable Approval Workflows

Imagine how much time and energy a fully-automated approval form could save your department. With IntraMalls transparency, approval status is visible to everyone—on any device. No more manual entry means true workflow efficiency!


With every new purchase, an electronic invoice is automatically created and the live order status updates in realtime. Orders flow straight to the vendor through IntraMalls—eliminating the need for phone calls.

Receipt of Goods

Satisfying the appropriate audit requirements from procurement to merchandise receipt is as simple as the click of a button. IntraMalls provides complete visibility and control of your various order and shipment statuses.


IntraMalls will automatically match bank statements to your orders. No more tirelessly printing seemingly endless documents for manual reconciliation. Simply upload your electronic bank statement to review and approve matched transactions. Reconciled statements then flow to Approving Officials, Budget Officers, and Directors throughout your chain of command.

Spend Analytics

Granular, real-time spend data gives unprecedented insight into your procurement organization. Custom financial data (ie: Program Area or Object Class Code) can be tracked on a per-item basis to yield actionable and auditable data. With IntraMalls reporting, you can present strategic sourcing spend to the penny—or negotiate new contracts with confidence.


Identify suspicious spending and inappropriate buying patterns by vendor, keyword, merchant class, object class, or product description. IntraMalls stores 39 months of historical data for instant download by Audit authorities—including requisitions, approvals, fulfillments, supporting documentation, invoicing, receiving, and reconciliation statements. No more bankers boxes crowding your office!