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An Innovative E-Commerce Platform for Your Needs

Committed to the Mission of its Users for 20 Years

At IntraMalls, we provide a balanced set of services and cloud-based applications that can only be delivered by our “neutral third-party” approach to every transaction. Buyers and their Suppliers enjoy real-time visibility of data capture and reporting through IntraMalls exclusive Paperless Purchase-to-Audit (“PP2A”) Process.

A Paperless 3rd Party Neutral Marketplace

"When operating a marketplace...neither a buyer nor seller be." Ben Franklin (or some other business consultant)

Our cloud platform provides a totally neutral and objective position to service both buyers and suppliers. By remaining neutral, we are able to provide assurance on authentication, authorization and compliance, non-replication, payment processing, asset tracking, and reconciliation of accounts for all parties to a transaction.


Lowest Cost Service Provider

We believe e-Commerce costs must continue to be reduced for all parties through economies of scale and the development of cloud applications. No hardware, software or maintenance costs allows our volume-based financial model to deliver outstanding service at a fraction of the cost of other e-Commerce solutions.


Tier 1 Customer Service

Occasionally, despite our 24/7 web availability, complete visibility, and transparency of transactional reporting, a personal touch is warranted. Our users rely on us to solve many common customer service issues. IntraMalls Support buttons alert our staff to contact you and your vendor directly rather than leaving you in the dark.


Our Partners are your Partners

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