You Deserve a Voice in E‑Commerce

Listen - Connect - Simplify

In a sea of marketplaces, IntraMalls is the only channel listening to your needs.

At IntraMalls, we listen to your needs and invite your team into the solutions process. We deliver the services and applications you value while maintaining a balanced neutrality. IntraMalls is committed to connecting you with customers in more effective and efficient ways than can be achieved through your own website. IntraMalls Suppliers enjoy the lowest cost-per-order and the most expansive customer-spend reports with granular end-user reporting.

Deliver Balanced Buyer/Seller Value

We believe that a channel should deliver equal value to both sides of the ordering and fulfillment process. Our data capture, reporting, automation, and communication tools all help to deliver increased value and increased order activity.

Reduce Costs for all Parties

Wherever possible, we look to drive down the costs of processing orders. IntraMall suppliers realize savings in many ways, including fewer unwarranted customer touches per order (IntraMall customer support takes care of your customers), immediate payment on orders (and no un-collectibles) and electronic order handling (no phones).

Remain 3rd Party Neutral

Our e-commerce platform preserves your voice as a supplier. We are committed to creating a channel that is friendly and fair. No hidden costs, no pay to play and no preferential treatment.

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