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Focus on Micro-Purchasing  


The Value of Micro-Purchase Automation

Micro-purchases account for as much as 95 percent of your transaction workload but amount to less than 25 percent of budgeted spending. Automating 95% of an organization's transactions is smart and cost effective.

IntraMalls Assurance Services balance the need for controls and reporting with the cost appropriate time, money and effort applied to managing micro-purchases. Most organizations find that micro-purchase obligations average between $500-$1000. Add typical administrative costs of between $25 and $100 for each transaction and the financial impact of managing small purchases is staggering.

Many of our clients previously turned to Purchase Card (“P-Card”) programs to reduce these costs and empower their workforce but were dissatisfied with workforce acceptance, financial controls and reporting. IntraMalls wraps your micro-purchase process with assurances demanded by prudent managers and the conveniences demanded by todays workforce.

IntraMalls Assurance Services...it's about time...AND Money!

IntraMalls LLC, a Hunt Valley, Maryland-based firm performs Assurance Services surrounding e-procurement and financial reconciliation of micro-purchase transactions in the business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-government (B2G) segments.The IntraMalls difference is defined by our niche focus, depth of functionality and role as a provider of micro-purchase Assurance Services. IntraMalls delivers procurement assurance services to multiple clients using a common infrastructure. IntraMall assurances begin with Supplier Authentication and Catalog Management services bringing trading partners together to form value-added communities that reduce the risks and costs inherent in most micro-purchase programs. IntraMall transaction services enhance your connectivity, security and auditability with trading partners.

IntraMalls LLC addresses the divergent needs of both buyers and their suppliers through award winning applications. The IntraMall won a recent “AGA Technology Best Award” from the Association of Government Accountants for its unique ability to match item level reporting with mission critical bank and purchase card statements to facilitate automated reconciliation of purchase orders. Even after ten years of e-commerce, less than 17 percent of all online suppliers are able or willing to provide line item detail sufficient for financial reconciliation of electronic purchase orders. For our clients, IntraMalls automated reconciliation application is considered vital to improving visibility in all areas of spend, to the prevention of fraud, waste and abuse involving purchase card activity and to a 70% reduction in total order processing costs.

Our role ensures balanced solutions are adopted for the benefit of both buyers and sellers. The IntraMall team enrolls preferred suppliers, validates registrations and socio-economic status, categorizes and loads data, maintains the infrastructure and the workflow software allowing transaction partners to rapidly integrate the best available technology to satisfy mutual business needs. In short, we convert supplier catalogs into convenient micro-purchase vehicles!


IntraMalls manages procurement assurance services that reduce the cost of doing business while increasing reliability, efficiency and the promotion of supplier relationships. The IntraMall team understands the mutual needs of trading partners to validate the micro-purchase process and remove costs. The micro-purchase assurance process is defined as end-to-end, beginning with comparative shopping and ending with receipt, payment and reconciliation. IntraMalls functionality, convenient features and security transcends e-catalog connectivity by tightly integrating shopping and requisitions with the order and payment processing services necessary for audit trails. IntraMalls enhance the utility of online bank statements by inserting your line item shipping details, virtually eliminating collection disputes.


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IntraMalls solutions are ideally suited for:

                         * All of whom share some common concerns regarding the handling of micro-purchases.

IntraMalls Micro-Purchase Assurance Services lift the burden…it’s about time…and  money!


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